WellBe Risk Management Service

Risk Management Trinity System

WellBe provides Japanese global companies support centering on the risk management of human resources through the trinity system comprising emergency response, accident prevention, and risk finance.WellBe's support services feature the provision of practical and realistic risk management services by stationing its service staff near the overseas bases of customer companies.

Three Characteristics of Risk Management Services

  • Emergency Response
    Our staff stationed near your overseas bases will promptly handle emergencies, such as medical cases that happen to Japanese expatriates, their families, business travelers, and local staff and accidents that occur at your factories or offices, on the spot.
  • Prevention Activities
    We conduct the following preventive activities to prepare for contingencies: health care measures centering on medical checkup, which have been proven effective in preventing serious medical cases, and the provision of risk management information unique to each local community.
  • Risk Finance
    We help you manage risk finance to cover the costs associated with accidents and the costs required to cover the difference between compensation and benefits through measures centering on the proposal of appropriate compensation and insurance programs.
WellBe Risk Management Service
Overseas Risks and WellBe's Overseas Risk Management

Overseas expansion by Japanese companies has been accelerating year by year due to the globalization of business. In recent years in particular, their target market for business expansion has shifted from Europe and the United States to Asia, which has huge potential, mainly due to the shrinking domestic market and the intensification of price competition. Along with the shift, risks surrounding Japanese companies overseas have also been changing. In fact, do you know what risks there are for Japanese companies and Japanese people working overseas? They are terrorism, riot, labor dispute, anti-Japanese movement, outflow of human resources and technology, industrial accident, and infection, which you would not frequently experience in Japan or other developed countries. Among those risks, do you know which risk has the highest mortality rate? According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, about 600 Japanese living overseas die each year and approximately 70% of them die of injuries and diseases, including brain and heart diseases; approximately 17% die of accidents, including traffic accidents; approximately 10% die by suicide; and approximately 3% die of other reasons (including terrorism and riot). It is clear that the major overseas risks, which require realistic management, are injuries, diseases, and accidents of expatriates and that the prevention and countermeasures against these risks must be addressed properly. WellBe's overseas risk management aims to accurately assess these frequent realistic risks and manage them by implementing effective emergency response, accident prevention, and risk finance.

Three mainstays that support WellBe's risk management services
  • Emergency Response

    In case of emergency, we ensure the safety of our customers via prompt and exact emergency response!

    24/7/365 services provided in Japanese
    Support staff stationed in cities such as China, India, and Asia
    Medical support services in case of emergency
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  • Prevention Activities

    Prevent illness and accidents via precautionary measures and ensure the safety of our customers!

    Implementation of overseas medical checkup and follow-ups
    Provision of risk information by region and by category
    Implementation of risk management workshops
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  • Risk Finance

    In order to secure the costs associated with accidents, we offer proposals, plans and management on compensation and insurance program that best suit our clients.

    Analysis of existing costs and proposal of cost-reduction measures
    Design and implementation of risk finance (compensation/insurance) programs
    Cost reduction via our original accident response system
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The WellBe Group will support you particularly in medical settings where you feel most insecure!
  • Sudden illness and injuries, language barrier and no knowledge of local medical conditions

    WellBe will introduce the best medical network available then and there.

  • Ever increasing compensation costs related to medical care
    Aren't there any alternatives to insurance?

    WellBe will optimize your risk finance by carrying out a detailed analysis of your existing programs.

  • If you are involved in a traffic accident abroad, can you entitled to compensation for loss?

    WellBe will promptly send an accident handling expert to support your negotiations with the other party.

  • The number of Japanese employees assigned abroad keeps increasing each year.
    How can their safety be ensured?

    To ensure the prevention of serious medical cases, WellBe will see to it that your employees will have regular medical checkup and personal physicians within each local community.

WellBe's Customer Support System
WellBe's Customer Support System