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Risk Finance

For damage and costs associated with accidents, we offer a variety of insurance programs and cost reduction measures according to the risks unique to each customer!

Risk Finance
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As our risk finance services, the WellBe Group plans and sells effective insurance products to cover the costs and compensations associated with diseases, injuries, and accidents.
For medical treatment costs, we propose a system that effectively combines realistic cost reduction measures and the selection of costs to be born by your company by making actual costs visible and tangible.

Development of a risk finance system
Development of a risk finance system

We create an optimal cost coverage system tailored to the situation which each customer has, in combination with public and private insurance, and/or adjusting the burden of payment between company and employee.

Operation and maintenance of the risk finance system
Operation and maintenance of the risk finance system

We optimize the medical expense overseas, with the advantage of our cost adjustment network, as well as our connection to affiliated hospitals and know-how of damage investigations and assessments.

Products used in the risk finance system

We propose optimal insurance products by accurately identifying, analyzing, and assessing customers' risks and thereby reduce accidents and minimize damage if accidents should occur.

Products provided by insurance companies (insurance of persons)

Overseas travel insurance, local medical insurance

Products provided by insurance companies (property insurance)

Insurance products related to fire, machine, liability, and logistics

Products handled by WellBe

  • chinavietnamindonesiaLocal Medical InsuranceWellBe Original Products

    Medical insurance that you can join at your place of work abroad.
    Cashless settlement for medical treatment fee can be availed at designated hospitals.
    We deal with insurance products for expatriate and his family, locally hired Japanese and foreign national.

  • chinamythvietnamindonesiaphilippinePassengers InsuranceWellBe Original Products

    In case of death, permanent damage, or injury due to a road accident while driving a company car or leased car, we will promptly pay the insurance payment regardless of the percentage of fault determination. WellBe also offers full support to the passengers outside the company.

  • chinamyvietnamphilippineAutomobile Insurance

    We provide advice on compensation details (policy assessment), propose optimal insurance, and handle accidents in a reliable manner. Upon request, we also provide support for settlement negotiations and lawsuits in collaboration with the Group's assessment company (pay service).

Adjustment Scheme on overseas medical costs (Self insurance by using public insurance)

Adjustment Scheme on overseas medical costs (Self insurance)

Unique system for loss investigation and assessment
Unique system for loss investigation and assessment

We support our customers in a speedy manner by having WellBe Group's Loss investigation and assessment company engage in accident assessment operations. Our accident response services extend over a wide area, including settlement negotiations with the third party not only in insurance accidents, but also in automobile accidents.
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