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In addition to emergency response to incidents that have occurred, such as illnesses, injuries, and accidents, WellBe also provides support services to prevent such incidents based on its past experience in handling serious emergency cases.
Our prevention activities are built on the three basic principles: collection of accurate information, early detection of problems, and prompt response.

Planning and sales of medical checkup program
Planning and sales of medical checkup program

Key points for the maintenance of good health

Regular and continual medical checkup

Prevent lifestyle-related diseases by managing one's own health risks

Early detection and early treatment of diseases

Allows the management of risks unique to the local community.

Appropriate follow-ups in the local community

Appropriate response and the implementation of treatment based on the results of medical checkup
(reexamination, treatment/medication, lifestyle review, etc.)

There are many Japanese overseas, who cannot receive regular medical checkup or who fail to receive follow-ups, such as reexamination based on the results of the first medical checkup conducted in Japan.
If an underlying cause or disease is overlooked, it may lead to a serious case, such as emergency transportation. The maintenance and promotion of good health is an indispensable part of risk management not only for expatriates themselves, but also for their companies.
WellBe creates detailed medical checkup plans in each local community to help manage heath risks of expatriates through the entire period from taking an overseas assignment to returning to Japan.
For details about medical checkup and fees, please refer to the information materials downloadable below.

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Benefits of WellBe's Overseas Medical Checkup Program

  • Examination accuracy and reference values comparable to those in Japan(Available in China)
  • Examination programs that cover all legally required items and include risks unique to the local community
  • Reports in Japanese or feedbacks from doctors
Establishment of a local personal physician system
Establishment of a local personal physician system

For persons who need reexamination, follow-up, or treatment as a result of a medical checkup in Japan, we will introduce a local specialist (personal physician) to prevent serious cases before they occur by promoting ongoing risk management.

Arrangements for local vaccination
Arrangements for local vaccination

We conduct a survey and provide information on vaccinations available in local hospitals.
We ensure that your employees will receive all available and necessary vaccinations required overseas, such as those for hepatitis, rabies, tetanus, and polio.

Publication of risk management magazine
Publication of risk management magazine "Newsletter"

Based on our track record in handling accidents, we provide our members risk management information concerning medical and other accidents in a timely manner as part of our effort to promote information sharing and prevention activities. The magazine also contains highly professional information on insurance accidents and planning of insurance programs.

Delivery of risk information via e-mail
Delivery of risk information via e-mail

We provide medical and risk management information related to the outbreaks of local infections in a timely manner while giving due consideration to the changing situation.

Risk management workshops
Risk management workshops

We can learn a lot of things from actual accident response cases.
WellBe implement various workshops tailored to the needs of our corporate customers to enhance their risk awareness:

  1. Workshops on risk management related to serious cases and infections
  2. Follow-up workshops for people who have had a physical examination.
Providing information of medical environment before traveling
Providing information of medical environment before traveling

We offer locally-focused medical information such as medicine or medical facilities.

Health consultation by email
Health consultation by email

In order to support our members and their family members, we offer a health consultation service given by our medical advisors on health issues.

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